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Hot Styles Right NOW – Accessorising!

Accessorising Trends With so many jewelry trends out there, who knows what’s in and what’s out? We’ve put together a few of the hottest trends of the moment to guide you through the sea of ever-changing styles when it comes to accessorising. White accessories. White is hot right now. Surprisingly white…

Neck and Neck – Go Ahead, Dress It Up!

Dress Up Your Neck And Look Fabulous! Repeat to yourself, “Just because it’s cute doesn’t mean it’s right.” Sadly, just because you love a certain pair of shoes or scarf, you’d never wear those things if they didn’t GO. So why wear a necklace that just isn’t right for your…

Make a Statement – That Statement Piece

Let's Make A Statement The statement piece – not just necklaces anymore – is meant to draw attention to itself and to the area of your body where it’s being worn. Anything from a necklace or chandelier earrings to a cuff bracelet or a big, sparkly ring can be a…